Trading Policy

Trading Policy

Here's a basic outline of our trading policy. Let us know if you have any questions!

Two of yours (plus 50¢) for one of ours.

Our trading policy is very simple. We add up the cover-prices of the used books you bring in and divide that total in half. This becomes your trade credit and we add it to your balance if you have one. When you purchase a used book with your credit, we subtract the full cover price from your balance. Two halves for one whole, making a two-for-one trade.

For instance if you bring in two books, both priced at $7.99, you'll have enough trade credit to get one book at $7.99.... or 2 books at $3.99... or half of a book at $16.00 (you'd need to pay the cash price of $4.00 for the other half. We don't sell partial books).

Trading Fee

We also charge 50¢ per book that you take with trade credit. This fee has a $1.00 minimum, so the first and second books will cost you $1.00, three will cost you $1.50, and so on.

A Few Exceptions

We discount the trade-in value of hardcover books, based primarily on their age. The most trade credit given for hardcovers will be those that have not yet been published in paperback.

For books published without a cover-price, we reserve the right to assign a trade-in value based on our experience of the books worth.

At our discretion we may discount the trade-in value for books that are older, damaged, or defaced (incl. those defaced with stickers).

What We Take and Don't Take

Unfortunately we can't take every book (we simply don't have room), but we try to accept as many as possible, giving priority to newer volumes that are in good readable condition. Books for trade must be clean with only minimal wear.

All trades are accepted at our discretion, of course, but here are some guidelines to help you:

  • In all cases, the materials must be in good condition with no major tears, water damage, or creases. Books with loose pages or binding will be rejected.
  • We’ll accept most popular fiction (Mysteries, Suspense, Romance, etc) up to 8 years old.
  • Romance Anthologies, Harlequin Historicals, and Military Fiction Series should be less than 3 years old.
  • Medical, Diet, and Exercise Books must be less than 2 years old.
    Romance Series must be less than 2 years old.
  • Westerns, Science Fiction and Fantasies are accepted up to 30 years old.
  • Hardcover books of any fiction genre are only accepted if there is not a paperback edition available. Furthermore, the trading credit is based on age (maximum of 3 years old), rather than on cover price. All Hardcovers must have an original dust jacket in good condition.
  • Due to state regulations we can only accept children’s books printed after 1986.
  • Audio Books will only be accepted in their original packaging, and must include all discs in good working condition. We no longer accept cassette tapes in trade.
  • "Classics" will be considered individually based on condition.
  • Books sold on our bargain table are stamped "No Return" and will not be accepted back. Likewise, books similarly marked by other bookstores will not be accepted.
  • Please limit your trade-ins to 50 books per day. Especially towards the end of the day, too many books can overwhelm us.

This policy is subject to change without notice.